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Lessee Fee Polices


  • Enjoy free cancellations up to 9 hours prior to the reservation's start time.

  • If the cancellation occurs within nine hours of the reservation's start time, 50% of the reservation fee will be charged as a cancellation fee.

  • If the cancellation occurs after the reservation's start time, the entire reservation fee will be charged as a cancellation fee.


  • Enjoy Unrestricted Free Booking Modifications

  • Please contact us or use the app if you wish to modify your reservation. We permit unrestricted free rescheduling's, and you may change your reservation to any date within the next three months.

  • Modifications made within nine hours of the reservation's start time incur a nominal fee of INR 399 will be applicable for any modifications made within 9 hours of the booking start time.

Extension post start

A penalty of INR 299 will be assessed for extensions within 2 hours of the Bookings End time.

Shortening post start

There are no fees or refunds applicable.

Shortening/Rescheduling within 24hrs of booking start or booking end.

Lessees are not permitted to modify the booking start time or reduce the booking end time. Refunds will not be granted in such cases. However, Lessees are allowed to extend the booking at any time.

Late Return

In case of a late return, the Lessee will be charged based on the duration of the delay. The penalty for a late return will be significantly higher than the regular booking fee.

Minimum Duration

Prices will be charged for a minimum booking duration of 8 hours.

Fuel Policy

At the end of the booking, the Lessee must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it had at the start of the trip. If the vehicle is returned with less fuel than it had at the beginning of the trip, a refuelling penalty will be charged.

Speed Governor

The vehicle may be equipped with a speed governor to comply with government regulations, which restricts the maximum speed of the vehicle to 80 km/h. Additionally, you will receive an SMS notification on your registered phone number regarding this.

Breakdown of vehicle

  1. The Lessee is responsible for bearing the expenses related to the repair, recovery, and loss of use of the vehicle up to the current damage fee mentioned in the Fee Policy / Rate Schedule, if any such expenses arise due to the fault of the Lessee, or if the fault cannot be directly attributed to any other person/entity, or if the cost is not reimbursed by the vehicle's insurer or the insurer of the other vehicle involved in the accident.

  2. If the breakdown of the vehicle is not the fault of the Lessee, Bidryde will refund the amount equivalent to the unused hours of the booking. Bidryde will not be liable for any additional costs incurred by the lessee due to the breakdown of the vehicle.

Traffic and Parking violations

The full payment of fines is required, and if the payment is delayed by 30 days or more, a penalty of ₹500 per 30 days late in payment will be charged.

No Show

If the lessee does not respond to the delivery partner by the start time of the booking, the booking will be cancelled, and no refunds will be applicable.

Returning the vehicle to the wrong location

If the vehicle is dropped off at the wrong location, a penalty of up to ₹ 10,000 will be charged, along with the car recovery expenses incurred by Bidryde until the vehicle is returned to the correct location. Additionally, a late fee penalty will be charged at the effective hourly booking rate.

Wrong Fuelling

If any damage occurs to the vehicle during the booking period, the lessee will be liable for the full cost of the damage, as well as any miscellaneous expenses arising out of the damages. Bidryde recommends that the lessee consult the RC Documents of the leased vehicle for information on the correct fuel type.

Over speeding >= 120 km/hr.

if the lessee is found over speeding in two bookings, a penalty of ₹2500 (in addition to any government fines that may have been levied) will be charged, and the lessee may be expelled from using Bidryde services.

Over speeding >= 150 km/hr

Expulsion from Bidryde


₹1,000 + applicable damage costs related to interiors


2,000 if the co-driver is not added to the reservation before the time the reservation begins.

Vehicle Damage (Accidental)

Any unintentional or accidental damage to the vehicle during the booking period will be liable for the damage charges as per the Lease Agreement and Terms of Service.

Vehicle Damage (Intentional or Consequential)

In case of any intentional damage or damage caused to the vehicle as a result of the lessee driving the car, even after the car has been damaged and requires urgent repair (Examples include, but are not limited to:

a. driving in water loggings resulting in engine breakdown,

b. driving after under body damages resulting in engine breakdown due to oil drainage,

c. driving while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs,

d. driving with clutch over pressing etc.

Lessee is responsible for the total cost of repair following damage to the vehicle as well as loss of anticipated revenue resulting from the damage.

Loss of documents

As per the Lease agreement and terms of service

Towing and Impounding

No cost if caused by vehicle failure, Full cost if caused by user negligence

Cleaning required (interiors)

The washing of removable items such as foot mats will be charged at ₹700, while interior washing or dry-cleaning services for items like seat covers and door panels will be charged at ₹1,900.

Key not returned at end of reservation

2,000 plus replacement expense if not returned within three days


  • Handover in accordance with the original booking, extensions, and changes are subject to vehicle availability and Bidryde reserves the right to charge for certain predefined accessories.

  • All refunds must be processed through the original payment method within one business day. We are giving complete reimbursements of any amount you have paid as follows:

1. as a security deposit or otherwise

2. amount covered by the free cancellation period or,

3. any additional permissible fees to which you are entitled.

  • If you choose to receive your refund in the form of Bidryde Coupons, the amount you are entitled to will be considered resolved regardless of whether the coupon is redeemed or not.

  • There will be some cases where lessee was under the influence of alcohol/drugs, travel to regions with higher altitudes on non-SUV’s and some other exceptions as per the Terms of Service and Lease Agreement where lessee will be responsible for one hundred percent of the vehicle damage bill as per the invoice received from the workshop.

Host Fee Policies

Pay-out Cycle

The Host's payout will be calculated and disbursed weekly, with the week defined as Monday through Sunday. The payout will be credited to your account every Wednesday for the previous week.

Lease Rental & Pay-out to the Host

  • During the first three months after the onboarding, Hosts may receive incentives based on the listing period of their vehicle, regardless of the number of bookings received. This period is referred to as the Initial Pay-out Period and is subject to availability and opt-in by the Host.

  • The fixed hourly incentive for Hosts will depend on the type of vehicle they have and will be communicated to them during the signup/onboarding process.

  • Bidryde shall calculate the weekly rental of the vehicle (the "Lease Rental") as follows, following the conclusion of the Initial Pay-out Period on the Platform:             

The amount of Lease Rental due is determined by >= (Lease Rental collected from the Lessee throughout the duration of the booking period) - (Bidryde Facilitation Charge) (Applicable GST/Income Tax) - Additional fees for add-on services (if Host chose to pay for them).

The Bidryde Facilitation Fee shall be equal to forty percent (40%) of the Revenue from Booking/Rental, subject to adjustments as outlined elsewhere in these terms and conditions.

  • For the above calculation of Revenue, the revenue from Lessees shall consist only of the following fees assessed to Lessees for vehicle usage: 

    • Per hour tariff levied by Bidryde (excluding any additional fees or penalties) for the actual number of hours Lessees have used the Vehicle (less any discounts offered to lessees), and

    • Excess kilometre fee.

  • Note:

(i) The rental calculated as mentioned above shall include all applicable taxes.

(ii) On behalf of the Host, Bidryde shall calculate the Lease Rental based on factors such as vehicle type, trip duration, etc.

(iii) As per the prevailing regulations, any payments made to the Host shall be net of deductions for applicable taxes.

Signup Bonus

If there are any promotional offers at the time of signing up on the Platform, the Host shall be eligible for the signup bonus. The signup bonus, if any, shall be credited to the Host as a part of the first pay-out cycle.

Cancellations / Rescheduling

  • The Host has the option to cancel or reschedule a Listing either before or after the scheduled "Listing Start Time." If the Host decides to reschedule, they can delay the "Listing Start Time" or pre-pone the "Listing End Time" of the listing.

  • However, in all such cases, the Host will be charged a fee based on the number of Lessee bookings affected by the cancellation or rescheduling. The amount of the fee will be communicated to the Host before the cancellation or rescheduling takes place. The cancellation or rescheduling of the Listing will only be confirmed after the Host confirms the changes on the Platform.

Designated Parking Location and Car Ready Checklist

If the vehicle is not available at the Designated Parking Location at the Start Time of any Listing (as determined by GPS report) or the "Car Ready Checklist" is not completed, the Listing will be cancelled and the Host will be responsible for any applicable cancellation fees communicated by Bidryde to compensate the Lessee.


  • At the beginning of each booking, the host is responsible for refuelling the vehicle to full capacity.

  • If the Lessee returns the vehicle with a lower fuel level than at the start of the trip, the Lessee will be charged the actual amount and the Host will be billed accordingly.

  • If the fuel level is below 80% at the commencement of a booking, the Host will be charged an inconvenience fee according to the following fee structure: 

fuel table final_edited.png


The host is responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of any vehicle provided to a lessee. If the vehicle is not provided to the Lessee in a clean and hygienic condition, the Host is responsible for a cleaning fee of up to INR 700 (seven hundred) to compensate the Lessee for cleansing the vehicle. 

Vehicle Usage during Listing 

If the vehicle is used for personal use by the Host during an active listing, an inconvenience fee of up to INR 2,000 will be assessed if a booking is impacted. 

Service & Maintenance 

n the event that the Vehicle is involved in an accident while in the possession of a Lessee, Bidryde will notify the Host and will be responsible for repairing the vehicle and paying all associated costs (net of insurance proceeds) or passing on the proceeds as recovered from the Lessee. 


For the time that a vehicle is in the workshop due to an accident caused by a Lessee during a booking, the Host shall be available for a downtime of INR 300 per day for as many days as the vehicle is in the workshop, up to a maximum of four weeks. The only time the host is eligible for downtime is if the vehicle is unavailable for more than 24 hours per calendar month. Downtime will be credited to the Host during the subsequent payout cycle. 


  • Any payments owed by Hosts in accordance with this Fee Policy or other applicable policies will be deducted from Pay-Outs.  

  • If the Pay-Outs do not cover these expenses, the Host must pay the remaining balance electronically within 24 hours of the booking end time or Listing Period (as applicable), per Bidryde's payment instructions. All prices listed here are inclusive of any applicable GST. 

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