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Self-Drive Rental Business Aggre

Bid rYde is an aggregator for self drive car rental businesses focusing more on entities than individuals. 
We believe in giving the best possible and you get 80% on every booking with minimal business guarantee, unlike others to those who collaborate with us, along with Bid rYde branding and offline organic reach. We also provide dashboard for managing bookings and update listings.

Empowering Self-Drive Car Rentals

Booking Share

Bid rYde offers a transparent and professional revenue-sharing system, providing businesses with 80% of the revenue generated for each booking made through the platform. This approach ensures a strong alignment between the platform's success and the businesses that utilize it.

Offline Organic Reach

Bid rYde's branding initiatives go beyond the online platform. The company proactively enhances its presence through offline channels, including events, partnerships, and collaborations. This comprehensive strategy contributes to increased booking


Minimal Business Guarantee

Bid rYde implements a modest business guarantee for its partners, fostering a mutually benefitting collaboration and motivating active engagement from the partnered self-drive car rentals.

Branding and Marketing

One distinctive aspect of Bid rYde is its commitment to enhancing branding and marketing efforts for its partners. Through collaboration with Bid rYde, businesses can harness the power of the Bid rYde brand, both online and offline, to boost their credibility and exposure in the market.

Dashboard for Management

Bid rYde offers a user-friendly dashboard for efficient booking management, enabling users to monitor reservations and availability effortlessly. Moreover, it facilitates seamless updates to vehicle listings, ensuring accurate information and compelling visuals to attract potential customers.

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Help and Support

Help and Support

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